The Shogunate

The Shogunate

The Shogunate Character Concepts


He is one of the good guys.
His armor is alive.
He is the guy who knows if ninja is a cat or not.


You have a lot of fun with her.


He’s one of the bad guys.
He looks weak, but he can summon their heads.
His heads are yokai and great generals.
They fought with him.


He’s one of the bad guys.
He can not see you.
But it will bite you for sure.


She is a beautiful and bad girl.
You can try to kiss her, but she’ll surely kill you.

Yokai - Takiyasha hime - Princess/Lady Takiyasha

She is the good Princess/Lady Takiyasha.
She came back with some powers.
Let’s see what happens.


The mad emperor.
He came to make the shogunate evil.

People of the future disguised as Villagers.

She is Asuka Takiyasha, grandgrandgrandgrandgrandgrandgrandgrandgrandgrandaughter of Takiyasha.
She came from the future with her cyborg friend to help to defeat the mad emperor.

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